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23 Ratings

Westcoast Deluxe!


This album should have made Bill Champlin a superstar in 1981. The man can play, he can write, and he can dang sure sing any style of music. In the late 70s and 80s, I found that any album which featured Bill Champlin, David Foster, and Jay Graydon was always worth picking up. Runaway lays the foundation for what would later become a whole genre: Westcoast music. The playing is awesome, featuring the cream of LA studio cats. And the background vocals should be studied by every singer and producer. There are at least three shoulda-been monster hit singles here: Sara, Tonight Tonight, and Take It Uptown (featuring & cowritten by Kenny Loggins). Why the stars did not align back then is still a mystery. But now you've got the chance to hear, in pristine quality, one of my three favorite albums of all time. Following this album, Foster would bring Chicago back from the dead and Champlin would hook up with them as a permanent member. But he coulda done it all himself. This is a GREAT record!

The Velvet Fog

Valentine 100

I very pleased to see this album finally release on itunes. Bill's voice is pure gold. Songs like "Satisfaction" and "Take it Uptown" are off the charts and the horn arrangements really fill the gaps. Hats off to Bill Champlin. I hope you release more of your solo work.

P.S. If you're looking for more great vocals, check out Jerry Lopez and Jay Graydon. Their music is just as awesome.

Underrated album


About time this gem from the early 80's showed up. This was his last solo prior to joining Chicago (though he has had a few solo albums here and there since) and his voice is as good as it ever is here. Runaway is a great song (though I never understood the need for reprises in the 80's), Sara a great ballad. My two favorates are Take It Uptown, which has Kenny Loggins on it, and Satisfaction which has a great horn sound, Chicago even played it live during the 16 tour after he joined. I hope iTunes will be getting the rest of his albums, they are all great.

About Bill Champlin

Singer/songwriter/keyboard player/guitarist Bill Champlin has been a rock journeyman in a career dating back to the 1960s. Starting in 1966, Champlin was the pivotal figure in a San Francisco-based group called the Sons of Champlin that existed and made records off and on for over a decade without gaining a great deal of notice. In 1981, Champlin became a member of Chicago, with whom he has recorded and toured ever since, while releasing the occasional solo album, sometimes only in Japan. He scored two singles chart entries in 1982 with "Tonight Tonight" and "Sara," duetted with Patti LaBelle on "The Last Unbroken Heart" from the soundtrack to the TV series Miami Vice in 1987, and sang with Brenda Russell on jazz saxophonist Tom Scott's Keep This Love Alive album in 1991. ~ William Ruhlmann

Oakland, CA
May 21, 1947



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