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The jazz band Heavy Merge was founded in New York City in 1997 by bassist Orlando Marin, Jr. and singer Genevieve Gazon. Their first gig together was at a local club called The Dark Star Lounge. The band's music is a mixture they like to call Latin funk and soul.Marin grew up in the world of music, and seems to at least partly be following in the footsteps of his Latin musician father, Orlando Marin, Sr. Gazon isn't a greenhorn in the business either. She has been the founder of two rock bands, and is a talented songwriter. Other members of Heavy Merge are keyboardist Tino Derado, drummer Robert Bonhomme, saxophonist Pablo Gil, percussionist Peter Basil, and background vocalist Carolyn Saxon. Saxophonist Ken Gable and keyboardist Shai Bachar have also been known to throw in a few tunes. In 1999 Heavy Merge finished work on its self-titled debut album that was released under the FunkSandwich Music label. It was followed a year later by an EP called Elektra. With a growing fan base to please, work soon started on a second full-length album for 2001. Some of the tracks fans can find on these recordings are "Other Side," "Mother Instinct," "A Story," and "Stand Alone."Heavy Merge has performed at numerous clubs in and outside of New York, and worked with artists like Norman Connors, Marion Meadows, Blessid Union of Souls, and Stephanie McKay. ~ Charlotte Dillon

    New York, NY

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