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Not electronic


You are wrong, or just too young to know better. Egyptian Lover was the sound of Electro, which occurred before Electronic, and was an early form of hip-hop. Check your facts dude.

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uv tropix,

Egypt is the ORIGINAL genius behind Electro.. I love when artists just keep doing their thing and the whole world does a 360 and you never miss a beat.. Egypt was the hottest in the early eighties and he's the hottest now.. for all you kooks scratching your heads why this doesn't sound like the cheesy "hip hop" that's been shoved down your throats, and why your speakers suddenly sound like you paid 3k for them, you will soon become very familiar with this as soon as you step into any real club anywhere around the world. This new material up here on itunes is straight beyond the cutting edge for 2009.. Egypt is always ahead of the game.. check yourself before embarrassing yourself.. out.

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    Los Angeles, CA
    31 de agosto de 1963

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