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6 Ratings

Coretta Scott, not the political figure, THE BAND.

Coretta Scott, the person a great political figure. Coretta Scott, the band is a 5 piece band from WA. While they do have some of the cliche hardcore-emo sounds and maybe even lyrics. What sets them apart from other bands from this scene and even from that state is that these guys can put on a great live show. Chelsea Seth is an amazing frontman, I know he did leave the band to form Paper Mache, but I still had to mention his ability to work the crowd. Now to "Scream & Shout" the debut album on Rise Records. Some songs lack energy and some songs give nothing, BUT the shameless screams we hear from the likes of Hawthorne Heights. That's the main downside of this band. They go along with the scene and don't try to set themselves apart. "The Stairs Hit Hard" the lead single from this album is a fantastic song if it weren't for the screams. Once I heard the screaming in the chorus I was turned off because it was not only cliche, but it was expected. Now to the good parts that made me give this album four stars. Songs like "Piano" and "Poison Apple" showcase the vocal talent of this band. This band does not have one good singer, but two. In "Poison Apple" this is shown, with Josh and Seth dual vocaling the whole song, proves to be a keeper. "Piano" is just an amazing written song by Chelsea Seth. This band is a fan of the cliche and some songs and in others they excell in doing what they find in their hearts. I wouldn't bash this band for being un-original, but I'd bash them for not show casing whats in them, because with songs like "Piano" and "Poison Apple", if it weren't for Seth leaving this band could be great.



this alblums great=)



Preston Rips and Rips harder. Nice Work My Man.


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