4 Songs, 13 Minutes


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Chrisalmost30 ,


Suri and Chris remix is worth it

PINK never forgets her dance friends

massageboy ,

Lackluster Remixes

This is my favorite track off of P!nk’s most recent album “Beautiful Trauma”. So when I saw they just released an remix EP of the song I had to check them out. Let me say after listening to the samples I am so disappointed.
Honestly they don’t add anything new to the song. Sadly, these all feel like throwaway mixes made by amateurs in their grandma’s basement. I bet you’ll find better mixes on the internet than these.

Jsa1192 ,


Some good remixes of an amazing song! But nothing beats the original version in my opinion that’s for sure (these remixes are definitely still worth checking out though since everyone doesn’t have the same musical taste as me so keep that in mind!). Also I REALLY hope this is her next single because this was literally one of my top favorite songs on the album & I think it would do pretty good on the radio because it’s so different than all the other cr@p they are playing right now! If you haven’t heard her newest album ‘Beautiful Trauma’ yet then I highly suggest checking it out ASAP because like all her previous albums it is amazing from beginning to end!

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