3 Songs, 12 Minutes


About Robin George & Vix

The style of UK-born guitarist/producer Robin George, despite his geographical origins, is pure US AOR. George began his career with his band Life, who released one single, ‘Too Late’. The line-up also included Dave Holland (later of Judas Priest) and Mark Stanway (later of Magnum). He then played guitar in the Byron Band, fronted by one-time Uriah Heep vocalist David Byron. His fine guitar work can be heard to good effect on their debut album, On The Rocks (Creole Records), in 1981, though after a year with them he left to pursue a solo career. He first signed to Arista Records in 1983, cementing the relationship with the release of a single, ‘Go Down Fighting’, the melodic guitar work of which quickly brought attention and a reputation as the UK’s answer to Billy Squier. Despite this, Arista dropped him and he went on to work in a production capacity with Heavy Metal Records, helping various acts including Wrathchild (UK). In 1984 Bronze Records signed him, and the release of ‘Heartline’ preceded his first full album, Dangerous Music - both releases were noted for their pristine production and the bass work of Pino Pallidino (Paul Young Band). Despite the good auspices, ‘Heartline’ remained his only real success and was reissued in 1985, again selling well. He remained in production until 1990 when he formed a partnership with ex-Diamond Head vocalist Sean Harris in Notorious. This was an ill-fated project that advanced neither career, and they soon parted. George has since returned to the mixing desk.