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So good.


I was at this show, front row and remember their excitement over this show being recorded for a Live Album. Now, over a year and a half later, we finally can hear it. I am so excited about this live album! Honor Society is so good live, everyone needs to check them out live. Hearing this Live Album is the next option if you can't make it out to a show! Highly recommended!

Here Comes Trouble Tour(:


I was there . At this show . Best band ever . There the nicest guys ever & really put on a sick show ! I left there & I almost lost my voice ! Hahah(: the HCT tour was a great tour ! I'm ready to see them again ! & this was well worth the almost two year wait ! Amazing !! <3

About Honor Society

Mixing adult savvy with the R&B-influenced songcraft of teen pop, Honor Society began making headlines in 2009 via a series of connections with the Jonas Brothers. Drummer Alex Noyes had previously performed in the Jonas Brothers' backing band, and the siblings maintained an interest in Noyes' musical projects after he left the lineup. Meanwhile, singer/guitarist Michael Bruno, keyboardist Jason Rosen, and bassist Andrew Lee toured the New York City club circuit under the name "Airborne", although the departure of their drummer (not to mention a potential lawsuit from the similarly named Airbourne, an Australian heavy metal group) convinced the group to make some changes. Noyes soon climbed aboard as a replacement drummer, and the revised band -- now known as Honor Society -- sent their debut EP to the Jonas Brothers. Within a year, they had signed to the Jonas Brothers' label, toured the country as the band's opening act, and contributed music to the popular movie Bandslam, all the while preparing for the release of their debut album, 2009's Fashionably Late. In 2011, the band followed up its 2008 ep with A Tale of Risky Business, Pt. 2. ~ Andrew Leahey

    New Jersey

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