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About Cold Roses

An independent 21st century band from Philadelphia, Cold Roses adhere to a classic sense of rock & roll: it's designed to be big music with a big heart, melding a thumping backbeat with elements of soul, folk, and the blues. This blend was showcased on their 2017 debut, Escape to Anywhere.

Taking the name from a Ryan Adams tune, vocalist/guitarist Rob Clancy formed Cold Roses in the early 2010s. It took Clancy a while to settle on a lineup featuring keyboardist Dan Finn, trumpeter Rick Rein, drummer R.M. "Robby" Webb, and saxophonist Tom Petraccaro — an unconventional grouping of instrumentalists that reflects Clancy's debt to soul and Bruce Springsteen. Prior to Cold Roses, Clancy and Webb played in several bands together, but the singer/songwriter decided to launch this project in 2012, cutting an EP not long afterward.

Cold Roses first earned an audience by playing live frequently in their native Philadelphia. Soon, they earned the attention of several of the city's key music industry players, including the endorsement of local radio station WMMR as Artist of the Month — an honor bestowed upon the group earlier in their career and in 2015. The group recorded its debut, Escape to Anywhere, in Los Angeles with producers David J. Holman and Roger Paglia, releasing the record in July.