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Sparked but not yet lit


This is a very solid record from one of my favorite bands as of 2009, SHARKS. It is a storytelling record and as listeners we begin to peek into the mind of James just a little bit more as a song writer. The actual music is stupid clean and the overall vibe of the record feels like a look at an old photo album. This record truly does bind together the two styles of their early EP's as well as "No Gods" You can sense that Sharks have really begun to find their sound and reach their full potential. I believe they are maybe a step away. "Selfhood" is definitely a golden piece of the puzzle that Sharks will soon be able to put together. A very solid effort.

About Sharks

Sharks are a punk-influenced British band who make a kind of no-nonsense pub rock. Formed in Leamington Spa, England in 2007, the band centers around singer/songwriter James Mattock. Sharks released several EPs, including 2008's Shallow Waters and 2010's Show of Hands. In 2011, these releases were compiled on The Joys of Living: 2008-2010, which also featured two previously unreleased tracks. In 2013, Sharks returned with their sophomore album, Selfhood, which showcased a more mature, literate approach to their melodic, punk-influenced sound. ~ Matt Collar

    Leamington Spa, England

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