17 Songs, 57 Minutes


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.

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4.7 out of 5
15 Ratings

15 Ratings

summerkay ,


I've been in love with Pete and he didn't let me down on this album! Fall from Grace is my favorite.

D.a.s.h. ,

Awesome guitars

And beats.

veryfunny ,

Amazing record, buy it! (yes, those extra songs as well you cheap SOB)

By far, the most Libertine-esque record Babyshambles has ever made, it's got something for everyone.
1)Fireman-Typical hectic Babyshambles song 7/10
2)Nothing Comes to Nothing-atypical for Babyshambles, very nice poppy song. Semi-generic chorus but it has those great Doherty verses we all love 8/10
3)New Pair-Interesting song, very hard to explain. it's nice for just laying down and thinking about stuff 8/10
4)Farmer's Daughter-probably the weakest song on the album, but it's still pretty good. It does drag on at the end though 6/10
5)Fall from Grace-very good song, pretty self explainatory. nice for just chilling in your room. 7/10
6)Maybelline- cool fun song to listen to. Great guitar parts, very catchy, and it's ending is great. This is where the album really starts to take off. 9/10
7)Sequel to the Prequel- Pure genius, proof that Pete Dohety has still got the good stuff. Possibly my favorite Babyshambles song. It sort of sounds like it belongs in Boardwalk Empire, but it's good for any situation.10/10
8)Dr. No- more genius, one of the best songs on the album. Really cool groovy beat and great lyrics. It goes along really well with Sequel to the Prequel as well, greatest tag team of songs I've seen since Between Love and Hate/Meet Me in the Bathroom. 10/10
9)Penguins-Very similar to Cyclops by The Libs and it's never a bad thing to be compard to a Libertine song. It switches from extremely slow to breakneck speed in very little time so if you like that kind of thing it's great. 8/10
10)Picture Me in a Hospital-Great song, it's one that will hit you immediately too. you'll either like it from the very first time you hear it or you never will. Some of the best lyrics in the entire album, it's by far the most emotional on there. 9/10
11)Seven Shades- Another song that's genius. Great opening and it takes some unexpected turns and they song great while doing it. 9/10
12)Minefield-very long song but still manages to stay interesting with really cool guitar parts and Pete's wailing. 8/10
13)Spit it Out!-Greatest bassline of the album award, it's a great punk song. It's very basic but that doesn't make it any less entertaining 9/10
14)Cuckoo-Really weird song, it's pretty good but I know a majority of people won't like it 6/10
15)Stranger in my Own Skin- Great song (what a shocker right?), it's one of those songs that just gets better and better as it goes on. Amazing combination of pop, garage, and punk. 10/10
16)The Very Last Boy Alive- Very nice, easy listening song. Great solo as well. 9/10
17)After Hours-Yup, that's right. They're covering one of the best Velvet Underground songs. They do a fantastic job it's a great mix of the original and the personality of Babyshambles. 10/10

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