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3 Ratings

Don Salsa ,

¡Vuelve Otra Vez! (Great to Have This One Back)

It's great that Lone Wolf Records picked this gem up and re-released it.
Fonovisa, a Mexican Label, probably had the best intentions but the
Salsa market is not easily conquered or even understood.

This record contains some excellent cuts and is one of the few
collaborations between Colón and the Puerto Rican components
of the genre.

We've got Papo Luca on piano, Bobby Valentín on bass, Cucco Pena as
Recording Director and producer. Although the brass doesn't have
the punch it usually has when Willie Colón is in the section or
producing, the album swings and Wilie's sining is on the money.

As usual, the song lyrics are very good; they are funny, sometimes
socio-political, sometimes meloncholy but always a good story
with great melodies.

"Vuelve Otra Vez" is what Colón's ex-partner Hector LaVoe would
shout when there was one of those great turn-arounds in Willie's

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