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Smart and Funny--You laugh and think at the same time

Crossy Chris

Robert's album is a real gut buster. I laughed out loud over and over while listening alone in my car on a long ride.

His comedy is smart, but not overly high-brow and snooty. The album title "Sex and Politics" reflects the breadth of material covered; Robert's comedy is thematically similar to someone like Louis CK who can make you simultaneously marvel at the amazing heights of human behavior while also reminding you that there are layers upon layers to that, and the ones at the bottom are hilariously crude and shameful.

From the cover and the title you might think that he plans to impress on you his sexual prowess--but it's quite the opposite. You laugh with him at his stumbles and foibles as he reflects on his own sexual maturation from a celibate teenager to and adult man dating a...grandmother.

Would highly recommend.

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