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Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.

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4.5 out of 5
12 Ratings
12 Ratings
candfreak ,

Love it

I'm always looking for different music styles & sounds. And I love it

Tibold ,


This is a steal for $5.99. One of the best (Progressive-Tribal-Tech) mix on iTunes... Must have..



Space, Ibiza 2009 is an Ibiza house album released to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Space Ibiza, a nightclub in Ibiza, Spain. This album is mixed by MYNC, a DJ duo from the United Kingdom and it features 28 tracks from a variety of artists on 2 CDs, the first one titled “La Terraza” (The Terrace) and the second, “La Discoteca” (The Disco). Despite the names, both albums are equally danceable and feature similar tracks.

The deluxe edition from iTunes also comes with two continuous mixes of the tracks as well as two videos showing footage of the club’s opening party of 2009. Overall, MYNC has done an excellent job incorporating many styles of house and trance music in this album to keep the party fresh through the night.

“Rose Rogue” is the first track on the “Terraza” disc. It starts off with a very standard 4 beat pattern that gradually becomes complex with the addition of high-hats and a bass line. This track becomes very interesting half way through, when it develops a swing high-hat rhythm and features some looped vocals and a sexy saxophone part. This part ends relatively quickly and the sequencer driven bass line returns with a standard high hat rhythm. However short, this part doesn’t allow monotony to set in. Overall, this track is a great start to the CD.

“El Baile Aleman” is the next track on the disc. The track begins with a small repeating speech sample. The sample gradually becomes longer and eventually becomes one of the prominent rhythms of the track. I could not make out what phrase was being looped but it served as a great rhythm pattern to add complexity to the track.

“Mamdaye” is the fifth track on this disc and I want to draw attention to its unique rhythm. The rhythm used is complex and employs syncopation. Also unique to this track is the use of bells in the rhythm track. The melody line in this track is a repeating sample of a female saying “Mamdaye”. Half way through the song, a phaser effect is applied to this phrase, which creates a reverb initially followed by an interesting rhythm.

“Boogers”, the next track on the album, returns to the on-beat rhythm pattern. This track uses the phrase “bum bum” as an interesting bass line. The pitch of this phrase is modulated using a phase vocoder. Unfortunately, this track ends with a fade and does not mix into the next track, temporarily ruining the flow of the album.

“Kalimba”, the 13th track, changes up the album with the introduction of African rhythms and instruments. As is typical for African rhythms, the rhythm used in this track is complex as it layers a kalimba over a standard high hat rhythm. The combined effect is both ethnic and danceable.

“Audacity of Huge” is the 6th track on the “Discoteca” album. It features sequencer driven arpeggios and bitcrushed sound effects straight out of an old school Super Mario game. Additionally, this track includes Shepherd’s tones going in both directions simultaneously. As one can imagine, the result is a complex and interesting arrangement of sound.

“Cultura de Radio” is the 10th track on the second album. This track starts off with a standard drum set rhythm but later introduces samples from Spanish radio. Initially these samples are small and give a glitchy effect to the track, but eventually they become longer and are looped in the background.

“Long Train” is the last track of the second album. Unlike the other tracks that I highlighted from the compilation, this track does not have any unique elements. Rather, it has a typical and forgettable synthesized chorus melody and standard percussion rhythm. The track ends with a brief rhythm break, making for a disappointing ending to this otherwise stellar album.

Overall, I would rate this album 4.5 out of 5 stars. The DJs of MYNC have done a great job mixing a variety of house and trance tracks together. They have also picked tracks with elements such as vocal samples, and unique instruments and rhythms to keep the album interesting. There were a few iffy transitions between tracks and some monotonous parts in album, but nothing that will keep the party from going all night long.

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