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3.7 out of 5

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205 Ratings



Ok, i'm just giving this album 5 stars simply for the inclusion of "Can't we try" by dan hill and vonda sheppard. I've been dying to download this song, and it's finally here. LOVE IT

Well Isn't This a Nice Suprise!

Magic Man

In what seems like forever now I finally have access to a couple of songs & artists that I've been pestering iTunes to put up on their store for God knows how long.

At last after searching every week, Matthew Wilders "Break My Stride" and Champaigns "How 'Bout Us" are finally on the iTunes store. I've been waiting forever for these artists and their respective songs to appear up on the store, and now in this collection they're here finally. The best thing is as far as I can tell these are the authentic original songs, not knockoff versions that are prevalent on the iTunes store. These are indeed the goods, since this is a Sony collection not a K-Tel one you can feel more assured that these are the actual studio versions. Funny to find these long requested songs in this collection but beggars can't be choosy. Nice job iTunes!

25 dollars?????


All I want is the Clarence Clemons song, and I have to buy the entire CD? I already have most of these songs in my library! Does ITunes think it's going to make money through robbery like this? Is it not bad enough that they're jacking up the prices on all the popular music? When will it stop, ITunes? You're supposed to be a reasonable alternative to buying overpriced albums just to get one or two songs. Do you see what the problem is?

Click yes if you agree ITunes is messing with us to earn a quick buck.

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