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A Marvelous Creation

El Cerrito Records

Ricky Kej is with no doubt one of the most important Composers of our generation, and Shanti Samsara is one of Ricky Kej’s masterpieces. He went beyond the quest of making amazing music. He is doing music that raises awareness for a cause that touches every person in the planet: World Music For Environmental Consciousness. He worked with over 300 talented and acclaimed Musicians, Engineers, Art Designers, Photographers, Videographers, and other staff. A work of that magnitude takes a lot of time and effort; yet through his creativity, his love for music, and humanity, Ricky Kej managed to Produce Shanti Samsara in a gracious manner and got outstanding results. The music and the book are majestic, careful crafted, well-organized, beautifully written, and full of love and positive energy. We have been fans of Ricky Kej for many years now. It’s an honor to have been able to make a small contribution to this marvelous creation, and we have been listening and fully enjoying every single note of Shanti Samsara.

Shanti Samsara has such an amazing vibe!!


I love this album! The instrumental arrangements flow so perfectly creating such an uplifting and mind clearing environment! My favorite of my favorites is "Ganga" it is a perfect song to groove to and can make any person burst out into dance.. the whole album allows me to travel the world in my own home and brings much peace and tranquillity.. One word to describe this album, EPIC!!!!!!!!

An Epic Masterpiece

Hazine's World

Grammy winner Ricky Kej has done it again, and has taken his passion for environmental consciousness through music to a whole new level. Collaborating with 500 musicians (for real!) in 40 countries, each piece on this record is a plea for unification, for awareness, for love and compassion. Some of the guest artists are very high profile , and all of them are exceptionally talented. I highly recommend owning the physical album, it is seriously THE most beautiful CD package I've ever seen, and the stories, liner notes, and photography are elevated works of art, just like the music. Buy it, and expect to be blown away!

About Ricky Kej

Composer Ricky Kej is well known for his compositions for film, advertising, world fusion, global chillout, and new age recordings. His music has appeared on nearly 100 compilations from all over the world.

Born in North Carolina, Kej moved to India when he was quite young. Music was not his first pursuit; indeed, he didn't begin to pursue it until he was in his twenties. He studied dentistry in college and began playing guitar in rock bands. Though he graduated as a Dental Surgeon, he moved directly from that career path toward music.

Kej's initial successes in music were in the advertising field. He produced over 3,000 jingles during and immediately after college, landing spots with Levis, Air India, Blaupunkt, Microsoft, and dozens of others.

His debut album, 2003's Communicative Art: Lounge from the Bay, was successful after various tracks appeared on nearly two-dozen international compilation albums.

Kej issued his breakthrough second and third albums, Kamasutra Lounge: Music for Seduction, Vol. 1, in 2008 and its follow-up, Kamasutra Lounge, Vol. 2 in 2008, for Water Music. These recordings, a seamless blend of Indian folk and Bollywood-style music wed to new age and global chill electronic music, made him an in-demand producer and composer. That same year, he wrote his first film score for Accident. His second and third scores for Venkata in Sankata and Crazy Kutumba appeared in 2010. The same year he was nominated for an award at the Cannes Film Festival for his jingle for Nike.

In 2011, his score for Ondu Rupayalli Eradu Preethi was released and he issued his debut album for Virgin India, entitled Fiery Drums, immediately followed by Mesmerizing Flute and Santoor. Their popularity with club audiences and new age internet radio raised his profile even further. Music from both albums was used in film and television in Europe and Asia. That same year, he produced, arranged and mastered Bollywood Remixed: Indian Film Dance Grooves for Water.

2012 proved a watershed year for Kej. He issued two well-received albums in Punjabi in the Club and Bollywood in the Club, and was named “India Rules - Artist" by VH1 for his video "Arabian Sea." He also composed and released "Jaya Hain Kannada Thaye," a song for an Indian wildlife conservation video. The tune became a wildly popular anthem in Kanataka.

Kej founded his own label, Raveolution Studios, in early 2013. Its first release was a deluxe edition of Kamasutra Lounge, but it was followed by the new recording Shanti Orchestra and its single, "Forever," which won him a Hollywood Media Award in the New Age category. Fiery Drums 2 and Ballad of Maya followed the same year.

In 2014, Kej spent much of his time working on advertising jingles, appearing as a judge and guest presenter on Indian television programs; he released Winds of Samsara in collaboration South African flutist Wouter Kellerman. ~ Thom Jurek

    North Carolina
  • BORN
    August 5, 1981