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BobTheCopywriter ,

My Favorite Working Album

When it comes to working background music, this album is my hands down favorite. There's just something about the pacing and the feeling it gently creates that makes it easy to keep burning the midnight oil without getting distracted. As a fan of the film as well, I think Mychael Dana did a masterful job of creating music the creates a kind of quite excitement that does not distract.

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We all know a Stephen Glass ... and this music is a coda of him.

We all know a Stephen Glass ... and this music is a coda of him.

He is the poster-child of a woulda-shoulda-coulda someone who had the potential to go all the way within the 4th Estate.

And all he needed was to speak truth -- but that wasn't the case. As a writer of fiction-news, he lost more than his e-ticket to the top.

Michael Danna found that hope, that dream, that promise and prayer of young Mr. Glass in 'TNR' (used in the opening credits).

Even if there was no spoken lines in the film, Mr. Danna's score would indeed paint the rise & fall of Stephen Glass and yes, for anyone who in politics or thems in infotainment that some call the 'news' since the mid-90's.



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