13 Songs, 1 Hour 11 Minutes


About The Bolton Brothers

Revered Linwood Bolton Sr. and his wife, Leola Bolton, brought 20 children into the world -- eight sons and 12 daughters. They raised them all to know the glory of God. Five of those sons went on to become ministers. From those children came the birth of the gospel group known as the Bolton Brothers, which includes members Jerry, L.W. Jr., James, and Ray Bolton. The Bolton Brothers completed a debut album in 1996, Live in Mobile. It was followed two years later by the sophomore release of Live in Mobile, Vol. 2. Both offerings were done on the Blackberry Records label, and sold as videos as well. 2001 saw the release of the group's third album, Revival in Atlanta. Some of the songs the brothers have recorded include "Bless the Name of Jesus," "Just to Know Him," "Lord Done Delivered Me," "If He Still Cares," "Bring Your Burdens," "Oh How I Love You," "I Gave Up Everything," "Will You Be Ready," and "Let It Be Real." ~ Charlotte Dillon

Hattiesburg, Mississippi



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