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Thieves was a promising but short-lived septet put together under the aegis of songwriter/producers Mike Chapman and Nicky Chinn (of Blondie, Exile, and Knack renown). All of the members had pretty extensive credits -- lead singer Sue Chapman had started out in the late 1960s with the West Coast band Genesis, while singer Linda Lawley's career went back just as far, to the Mississippi-spawned sunshine pop outfit Eternity's Children, and Jerry Donahue (guitar) and Gerry Conway (drums) were former members of Fairport Convention. The other members were Andrea Robinson (vocals), Rusty Buchanan (bass, vocals), and Steve Goldstein (keyboards) They cut an outstanding pop/rock album for Arista entitled Yucatan that somehow failed to catch on, despite being filled with great songs and even better hooks, and some of the best production of its era. The group disbanded in 1981, though Lawley, Donahue, and Buchanan soon reformed as the cabaret act the Roommates. ~ Bruce Eder

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