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5 out of 5

5 Ratings

5 Ratings

On Constant Repeat!

Celestial sights

Since we have every other Slugs and Bugs CD, we were definitely planning on getting this one as soon as it became available. This selection of scripture songs is a stand-out set. My children love the songs and have consequently memorized long sections of important scripture, and the music is so enjoyable that I listen to the songs and meditate on them even when my kids aren't with me. I highly recommend this album, especially if you are looking for meaningful and pleasurable ways to share scripture with your family! I tried to think about listing out our favorite songs, but it's basically the whole CD. Don't gyp yourself and select a song here or there. You want them all! ;)

The BEST kids music!

S.D. Smith

SO many reasons to love what Randall Goodgame has done with Slugs & Bugs. Hilarious humor. Brilliant music. Deep truth. It's rightly called the "Pixar of family music."

Our entire family loves this music, from 4 to 40. We are all HUGE fans.

You're in for a treat!


I can’t recommend this album enough. If you’re familiar with Slugs & Bugs, then you know you’re in for a treat. If you’re new to Slugs & Bugs, buy this now and be prepared to have a new family favorite. Randall Goodgame is a gifted singer-songwriter who weaves the gospel into great quality (and fun) music. Adults, you won’t have to just endure this music for the kids in your life - you’ll love it right along with them. Through Randall’s lyrics and the verses in Sing The Bible 1 & 2, my kids are being led through the gospel and pointed to Jesus. And we’re all memorizing scripture! There’s nothing more I could ask for in music for my family. ~Casey Zollinhofer

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