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off with his head


amazing album, I love Jack Conte. Off with his head is a great track, I'm probably going to have to buy the entire album (maybe off his website instead of off itunes). VS4 is great, might even be better than his other albums. A bit darker than Pomplamoose stuff, but really good!! I love it

The first "album" from Jack Conte


I've been a Jack Conte fan for a while now. He's a great musician, and he's crazy passionate about what he does. He's made some great tracks, and he always amazes me with his videosongs.

However, this album represents a gigantic leap for his music in my mind. Instead of producing songs that are great in and of themselves, he made an album.

The transitions, the complimentary songs, the reprise ending, all of it makes this album seem like, well, an ALBUM. For example, listening to "Off With His Head" and not following it up with "Long Long Time Ago" feels weird to me, and I've listened to the entire album only twice. "Mercenary" is an excellent transitory song to the ballad-like "Away". "Only Dreaming" helps us up to the heavy moments in "Get it Out". "I Wonder Where the Moments Go" leads excellently into the old-timey "Mister Money Bags", with its poppy guitar strumming and defiant lyrics.

Even though Jack obviously spent time making this an album, there are still, as usual, no throwaway tracks. The closest any track comes to throwaway is the chaotic "Push It", but with Jack's wailing and the distorted guitar plucking, it conjures an image that fits the title. Particularly great are "Long Long Time Ago", which shows off Jack's orchestration as well as lyrical ability, "Mercenary", a lighter track that excellently showcases Jack's harmonies, "Only Dreaming" and "Get it Out", the heaviest tracks on the album, and "I Would Be Happy", with its spacey choral bits and excellent piano riffs.

Jack's hit the nail on the head again, and this is, in my opinion, his best album yet. I think "Freaks and Clowns" still holds the crown as my personal favorite, but there are several from this album that will compete.

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