12 Songs, 37 Minutes


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88 Ratings

If you want Sinnerman...

You don't need to spend 9.99 on an soundtrack album that you're not really interested in. Itunes has a Nina Simone Hit 3 Pack and only pay 2.50 for Sinnerman and two other songs. Just saying, if the only song you want it the "Album Only" Sinnerman, then save yourself 7.50 and buy the 3pack.

The crazy woodland elf

Awesome movie and awesome soundtrack

This is a great soundtrack and I have to disagree with the other reviewers that sinnerman (although a very good song) is NOT the only good song on the album! Windmills of your wind is great as well as Caban la Ka Kratchie...I love this entire album and I am so happy that itunes finally decided to make it available. Also for those of you who are complaining about the Album Only songs...itunes might not be too blame. When itunes makes the music available it enters into a licensing agreement with the actual owner of the copyright to these songs and maybe this is the only way that they would agree to license the song to itunes...I rather have the entire CD available than nothing at all!


not cool

the only good song here (sinnerman) is the only one that can't be bought individually. great. thanks itunes...

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