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4.6 out of 5
14.2K Ratings
14.2K Ratings

What an Epic song

this song is perfection from start to finish
adele you delivered a masterpiece again
this is gonna get you that oscar


She was made for this

Bond music + Adele = perfection. The 90 seconds was more than enough to throw my money into this preorder.


And the best original song oscar goes too....

When I first heard that there was a possibility of Adele doing the next bond theme, I immediately knew it was a prefect fit. After the bombastic, and ear piercing "Another Way To Die" (which accompanied the equally awful Quantum of Solace), it was time for both the series, and the music, to return to it's roots, and they've done that in spades. Adele's voice has that wonderful, subtle, and sexy Shirley Bassey (Goldfinger) feeling, which provides a very soothing feeling to a rather epic 70 piece orchestral arrangement. It's chilling, and powerful, without being overwhelming to the ear. It's the type of song, that when you hear it, you are immediately absorbed, and when It is heard in the theater, will exhilarate the audience into overdrive in anticipation of Sam Mendes' epic vision, which I am confident will provide the most classy, dark, and exciting bond film we've seen since the Connery era, and if this song is any indication, I have every reason to be confident.

About Adele

Dozens of British artists share Adele’s origins—BRIT School, MySpace, pop stardom—but it takes rare talent to have your voice declared timeless in your career’s first flush. Adele honed hers as a kid in her North London bedroom, imitating Etta James every night for an hour. But as soon as she made her televised debut in 2007 (on Later...With Jools Holland), all potential comparisons evaporated: This girl with the whopping hoop earrings and a pub landlady’s brashness had something unique. Heartbreak, indignation, and regret all found a natural home in her regal mezzo-soprano, the instrument that powered her 2008 debut album, 19, and took influence from the American South on 2011’s 21. Both of these albums broke records for breaking records, and made a subsequent operation on Adele’s vocal cords a matter of global import. She recovered immaculately—for proof, watch her comeback performance of “Rolling in the Deep” at the 2012 Grammys—and it took just one word to reintroduce her in 2015. “Hello,” she sang during an X Factor ad break, unveiling her world-conquering single and third album, 25, in the process. Like its predecessors, 25 upended 21st-century metrics and made Adele the first artist to earn the top-selling album of a calendar year three times. She’s now a mother and wife, and the agony of twenty-something heartbreak is well behind her. But if any voice were ever capable of carrying its owner into maturity, it’s hers.

Tottenham, London, England
May 5, 1988




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