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31 Ratings
socialskills ,

Unfailing beauty, pure joy

If you're already a Jenniac, you'll notice that there's only one original song on this EP, along with 3 re-imaginings and a cover.

However, if you're already a Youngster, you'll also surely know that when Jenny re-records a song, she does it artfully, and with intent.

As Jon Brion has said, as of the advent of recorded music, we've become more and more confused about the terms "song" and "performance." When we talk about songs we often equate them to iconic performances; a number of studio takes or one live take released on a record becomes the embodiment of an idea. We are sometimes uncomfortable, sometimes overjoyed to hear that the live version of a song is different, because we've got that recorded performance locked in as our conception of the song.

A songwriter and performer like Jenny Owen Youngs knows or inherently feels the difference between a song and a performance. Though there's a certain level of perfection to the "Led to the Sea" performance from Transmitter Failure, by definition each performance can only capture so much.

The Slack Tide version of the same song releases us from the jangly guitar and driving beat of the original, allowing us to appreciate the contour of the songwriting from a different angle. Successful artists- those who communicate with depth, honesty, and transparency- are the ones who make the best choices repeatedly, and playing these new versions of songs alongside the old reveals, in their similarities as well as their differences, many of the choices that make Jenny a world-class creator.

Youngs's command of lyric-writing can also be appreciated through this comparison. This is the third version (not counting remixes) of "Led to the Sea" that Jenny has officially released, and the beauty of all three versions speaks to her novelistic approach to songwriting. Jenny's lyrics allow for layers of text and subtext that can be plumbed endlessly for infinite meanings centered around any number of arrangement styles.

Of course, everything said here is true for the rest of the songs on Slack Tide. And because the success of Jenny's re-imaginings never rest upon a novelty referentialism to the originals, this and every other release is a perfect entry into her catalog for potential new fans as well.

This is another truly special release from a truly special artist. I look forward to the 15 different, uniquely gorgeous, versions of Over the Bow we'll be getting in the future.

Aaron Seabolt ,


This EP is absolutely incredible! Every song is catchy and inspiring. It is music that can infiltrate your background while driving on the perfect day with the windows down. It is music that you can listen to in your room on any given night to help gain clarity. For the longest time now I have been looking for music to inspire me and have a sense of belonging. This EP does it for me. Please Jenny, keep up the incredible work!

Alma Wheat ,


Even though there is only one new song on this EP, it feels as if everything is in its first release. I love the focus on re-arranging the songs to create something different with its own meaning.

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