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6 Ratings

Dark Jazz Sorcery


How can an instrumental be throaty? One listen to Snake Eyes will sort it out for you. Released on June 4, simultaneous with its debut in Twin Peaks: The Return, Episode 5, this is exactly the kind of unexpected gem a dedicated Lynch fan discovers from time to time. While this song stands alone as a composition of dark jazz sorcery, it will forever be associated in the minds of many with one of the early disturbing scenes in Season 3.

Driving and compelling in what seems a destructive way, this groovy and seedy grind is right at home in the Roadhouse. It's as if the song title, band name, scene elements, and the tune itself were concocted simultaneously in one of Lynch's great moments in film alchemy, with the deeply noir Pink Room coming to mind immediately.

The only way to top owning this song would be to see it performed live. One can hope!


mke b

Musical genius...can't stop listening to this! Just watched episode 5 and the music just makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

About Trouble

When the doomy, twangy trio Trouble appeared on 2017's third season of David Lynch's cult favorite TV series Twin Peaks, there was a reason they seemed so perfect for the show: The band features Lynch's music supervisor Dean Hurley on drums, Lynch's son Riley on guitar, and Alex Zhang Hungtai (of Dirty Beaches, Last Lizard, and Love Theme) on saxophone. The trio recorded a pair of songs, "Snake Eyes" and "Mother's Gone" -- which incorporated parts of Angelo Badalamenti's music for the original show as well as his score for Lost Highway -- that appeared on the third season's fifth episode. Sacred Bones released the songs as a 7" single that June. ~ Heather Phares