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His second solo album is inspired by life in New York.


His second solo album is inspired by life in New York.

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Biggest Andrew Fan is Not a Fan

Professor Slughorn,

'Brooklen, You're Killing Me" is my least favorite song that has been released off "Zombies on Broadway". It's just talking. I want more singing! I was hoping this would be the only single I feel ehhh about but the only single I've liked is 'So Close'. This is probably because it sounds most like what I'm used to from him. But it's still incredibly "poppy". I prefer the piano rock that started his career. I have purchased every single CD (with his multiple bands) he has put out since 2000 but this one is so far from where he's been that I'm not sure I can stay on this train with him. I've gone to see him live more than any other musician and have already purchased tickets to see him in April 2017 because I love his other music so much. This CD is a disaapointment to me but I understand he wants to experiment and grow as an artist.

Going the wrong direction

Ready fuels,

Been a huge fan since Leaving Through the Window. Been to countless shows. Listened for countless hours. I understand artists grow and change over time, but now I feel he just sounds like everyone else. Something Corporate and Jack's Mannequin were unique and amazing. I don't even hear the piano in this album. I'll continue to buy his work and give it a fair shot but man, please go back to the basics. Lose the electronics, rock those keys, and be well. Thanks for the years of good tunes.

About Andrew McMahon In the Wilderness

For most of the 2000s, pianist and singer/songwriter Andrew McMahon fronted the alt-rock group Something Corporate before segueing into a poppy solo project titled Jack's Mannequin, which featured guest appearances by many of his talented musician friends. In 2013, he released his first collection of music under his own surname, the Pop Underground EP. Maintaining his usual warm, upbeat vibe, this was the first of McMahon's records to rely predominantly on electronics and synthesizers. His full-length debut, released eponymously under the Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness moniker, arrived the following year. McMahon went out on tour with Weezer and Panic! At the Disco during the summer of 2016, and at the conclusion of the tour he released the single "Fire Escape." It was the first taste of his second album, Zombies on Broadway, which arrived in February 2017. ~ Jason Lymangrover

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