10 Songs, 51 Minutes


About Zingaia

Zingari is a gypsy tribe dating back to ancient Greece. Gaia is the Greek Goddess of Earth. Multi-instrumentalists/artists Katlyn and Michael Breene combine each meaning to allude the passion behind their musical project, Zingaia. This husband and wife duo, who have been collaborating together since the early '90s, wanted a creative outlet to identify sexualization taking place in popular culture and its neglect in various religions. Michael is an accomplished musician, highly skilled in areas of jazz, funk, country, and rock & roll, therefore his vast love for music agreed with Katlyn's talented scopes of painting, sculpting, and dance. Signed to Sequoia Records, Zingaia issued their debut Beneath the Veil in 1997, showcasing a bizarre blend of sultry moods. Dancers of Twilight, which featured a collaboration with vocalist/percussionist Abbi Spinner, followed three years later. A third album, Soles of the Earth (2004) continued Zingaia's exploration of worldbeat rhythms and trance beats. ~ MacKenzie Wilson



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