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Reginaldo Bessa participated in almost all editions of the Festival da Canção (Song Festival) and was a finalist of the Festival Abertura (Abertura Festival of TV Globo, drawing its denomination from the period of re-democratization in the mid-70's). His biggest hits, "O Tempo", "Tem Dendê", "Qualquer Dia Desses" and "Sonho de uma Noite de Verão" were recorded by Alcione, Claudette Soares, Roberto Ribeiro, Sônia Santos, Maysa, Agnaldo Rayol, Elza Soares and Maria Creuza. In 1966 he wrote "Não Se Morre de Mal de Amor", interpreted by Taiguara in the I Festival Internacional da Canção, FIC (International Song Festival, Rio de Janeiro); in the next year, "Chora, Minha Nega" was a finalist in the II FIC; in 1968, "Mestre-Sala" was classified for the III FIC; and in 1975 "O tempo" was classified for the Festival Abertura. Bessa recorded his first album in 1961, with his "Sombras de Amor" and "Tema de Samba", (with Steve Bernard). Two years later he went to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he became a professional singer, having worked in clubs, performed in radio and TV and recorded in that country the bossa nova LP Amor em Bossa Nova with eight originals. Returning to Brazil in 1965, he continued to record and in the 60's he launched the children LP Sapo Astronauta, recorded by several interpreters. His songs were included in several broadly popular soap operas like O Homem Que Deve Morrer, Bandeira 2 and O Espigão, all from TV Globo. As a producer he worked in several quality samba/choro projects Época de Ouro e Clube do Choro, Tem Gente Bamba Na Roda de Samba, Tempo de Seresta and Toalha da Saudade. Bessa was awarded with the Prêmio Colunistas and got a honorable mention from the legislative assembly of Rio de Janeiro for his work as a composer. ~ Alvaro Neder

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