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4.4 out of 5
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153 Ratings
OperaGhost ,

Bloody Brilliant! The best play since Phantom!

Jekyll and Hyde is deemed a 'Gothing Horror Thriller', and boy oh boy does it deliver. I have two versions of the soundtrack, and have watched the musical on stage twice, and can honestly say it is my favorite musical since 'The Phantom of the Opera'. This version is the one to buy for the authentic stage replication of the musical. It has every number in the play, save for the few exceptions that were changed (some directors replaced "I Need to Know" with "Lost in the Darkness", and "Bring on the Men" with "Good N' Evil"), and a disappointing absence of "Board of Governors", and "The World has Gone Insane". Also, the character of Jekyll delivers his lines in a less exceptional way. "Alive", Edward Hyde's song of his delight in his evil deeds seems much more mellow in this version than in others, and such is also the case in "Confrontations". However, others like "Facade" and it's reprises, "Murde, Murder", and "Dangerous Game" are outright exceptional, and some of my favorites. Highly reccomended to all who enjoy musicals!

~Roxas~ ,

Not the best album done of this musical...

This soundtrack was not as good as the soundtrack done in 1994 (Jekyll & Hyde - The Complete Work). The complete work has different versions of songs like "Facade" and "Murder, Murder", which I happened to like better. Both soundtracks are missing songs from the other. The complete work doesn't have "Obsession", "Confrontation", and the four different versions of "Facade", but this version doesn't have "The Girls of the Night", "Board Of Governers", and "Bring on the Men". All these songs are good, so it's a shame that iTunes didn't put the other soundtrack on. Well either way, this musical is one of the best I have heard, and did not deserve a one star rating. I personally bought both albums, and can't wait for someone to do a production of this musical where I live.

LovesTheBingoLady17 ,

Simply Cannot Give It Less Than 5

As A True J&H Fan I cannot Give Any Album Less Than A Perfect Score. I Have Every Album Imaginable For This Show(The Complete Work, This One, Film Version) And In My Opinion There Are Songs/Actors And Actresses Which I Think Are Stronger Than Others. For Instance, I Think Anthony Warlow(Complete Work), Coleen Sexton(Film), And Christiane Noll Are The Perfect Trio. I Saw Many Other Reveiwers Stating This Album Is Not As Good As The Complete Work, But Having Listened To Both That Cannot Be Stated. The Two Are Almost Completely Different. Different Songs, Instruments, Personalities, Names, Dialogue, Everything. In Conclusion, The Show Is Truly Amazing And This Album Defiently Gives It Justice. I Would Recommend Though That You At Least listen To The Other AQlbums Because The Complete Work Is As Others Say, Amazing.

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