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Jermaine Jones


I love his Voice, sorry he is leaving..I hope he fixes all his problems..

Missing the Gentle Giant on Idol!


So miss this guy on Idol! How American Idol handled the exit of Jermaine Jones on National TV was HIGHLY INAPPROPRIATE considering they have done this to no other person in the past years during their controversies when theirs where much much worse than Mr. Jones. He was completely blindsided and it was sad and uncomfortable to watch on TV. I was embarrassed for Jermaine and for the other contestants, along with the audience. It is ridiculous. It made me want to switch to watch the Voice and X Factor only. I am shocked and dismayed. I totally love this guy's voice and regardless of his past, he is a force to be reckoned with and you can completely tell he is a genuine soul. I wish him nothing but the best and hope he finds Simon Cowell or the Adam Levine or Celo Green to help kick off his career since he has been shamed by the producers of American Idol FOOLISHLY. To Kick him off quietly and let the media follow is one thing, but to show it the way it did is a whole other game. SHAME ON AMERICAN IDOL.

THIS rendition of Somewhere Out There is Beautiful and is truly magical, Jermaine. You ARE a gentle giant!!!!!! Wonderful 1.29 spent!

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