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4.8 out of 5

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A true renaissance man!


Michael D Allred, the creator, writer and artist of Madman Comics and Red Rocket 7, shows off another one of his talents along side his band The Gear. Son of Red Rocket is the love child of rock 'n roll past and present. Check it out!!!

A psychadelic Gear in the Rock N' Roll Machine!


This is a splendid first attempt from Mike Allred and I eagerly await his next album. Future Shock is a magical opening and the album moves through various genres of Rock and almost maintains a timeless feel. There were times when I asked myself, what genre is this, and what era is this from? Perhaps it's from the future? Songs like the Vinyl is Black, Big World, and Stuffed Monkey are a little bit more smooth than some of the intermediate songs and really shine with Allred's music talent. Overall this is a really great album that needs more attention. So all y'all need to get your butt into Gear and by this album!

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