5 Songs, 18 Minutes


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26 Ratings
*~*Deborah*~* ,

God Bless You. David Cassidy

Watched the documentary of this EP being made. I never knew much about David’s background and personal life. It was deeply touching to see him so gravely ill, watching him made me cry. Yet David didn’t quit making this Tribute To Jack (his Dad) Cassidy, even though he was clearly in pain and suffering. That was hard to watch. (I like to think of this now as a Son&Dad serenade.) Only wish that somehow, both singers/voices could have been over dubbed or added to each song. And sung as a final duet. Maybe that idea could realized for the future as a final farewell. To David Cassidy and to Jack Cassidy. I was born (Aug 1965) in London and raised in the UK until I fell in love with USAF GI, married him in UK and left 15 years ago. As a kid of the 1970’s David Cassidy was Worshiped and Adored by every friend female family member and many more. I remember the posters that hung on my bedroom walls (and every female between 5 and 20). Us just gazing up at David Cassidy (posters) and loving him from a distance and in our dreams, listening to his songs. Wow the memories this brings back. Like David, most of family have passed. And I’m now an American Citizen (legally!). I think that’s why David’s death hit me so hard. This amazing man I grew up listening to with my loved ones (Or just grew up with); Gone. My heart is forever broken. Grief is difficult, but having David’s music to play (in my needy times), helps me a lot. Thank you for the music. Thank You David Cassidy for being part of my childhood soundtrack. God Bless You David and God Bless your Dad - Jack. Together. Forever. RIP. xox

DDfromNC ,

Wish You Were Here

The A&E documentary showed how ill he was during the recordings, and his struggle to finish, because this tribute to his father was so important to him. He gave his all. Thank you, David Cassidy, for sharing your talent and your life's struggles with us. We love and miss you so much. Wish You Were Here. 💔

MichelleSmith34 ,

David's Tribute to his Father

I know David Cassidy had been wanting to give homage to his father, Jack Cassidy, for teaching him songs from long ago. When I heard this release was out, I didn't hesitate to purchase. I always admired how David Cassidy could cover songs and make them sound fresh and even better than the originals. He had a sound and style that really appealed to me. His passion for creating music and making his audiences happy remained until the very end. We have lost a great artist. I miss him already.

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