11 Songs, 54 Minutes


Mastered for iTunes


Mastered for iTunes

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13 Ratings


Geez, just play music without being insulting.

pockmarkedkid ,

Songs of Re . . . what?

Marc's guitar playing is second to none. His vocals are mediocre and he recruited some help on this one, but unfortunately it still didn't seem to help it shine. There seemed to be a disconnection between how the vocal melodies were coupled with the music. As a musician who performs all styles of music, including the weird, i had difficutly listening to this. I am a fan of Marc's guitar style and previous works, but overall i didn't like this one at all. Also, title would make more sense if it was on a cubanos postizos album that covered what "real" cubans face everday instead of "fake/prosthetic" ones.

On a side note - some of the topics addressed on this album may be enough reason for some not to like it. Songs of Resistance? I guess it depends on what you are resisting? He traveled the world with a guitar in a band, and i traveled it with a gun in a uniform and we obviously have 2 disagreeable preceptions. He saw crowds of willing people in a controlled, pleasant environment, i saw crowds of unwilling people in uncontrolled, unpleasant environments. Pray for our country instead of deriding it - and it's leaders. If they fail, our nation fails with them.

Stand up for what you believe in, but do it intelligently like a patriot. If Marc thinks this album is gonna undo the Paris Agreement he is sadly mistaken. Also, research how much those Parisians are enjoying it.

The USA is not perfect, nor it's leaders, but it's the greatest country there's ever been, and the best have given their lives for it.

"If you're runnin' down our country, you're walkin' on the fightin' side of me." - Merle Haggard

(this was supposed to be solely a music review, but these albums are overly being used as political propaganda)

carlgood1 ,

Marvelous work

It’s sad to see how delicate and easily triggered the trumpanzee reviewers are. Bless their confused and broken souls. Despite the album title they persevered like they did as children by eating their crayons and ignoring other warnings. Sad!

Nevermind that Ribot’s music is BRILLIANT and his message is as (clearly) correct, as it is filled with eloquence and hope.

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