30 Songs, 1 Hour 28 Minutes


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4.6 out of 5
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17 Ratings
Denis RA.

I love it I love it

The soundtrack is really nice i love how every character gets it's own genre like,Sonic has this hard rock or rock in general which is really good,Tails has this Up-beat type of music,knuckles is rap and the rap is so good i love it,Shadow techno rock and it's not bad actually it's dark that's what represents him,Rouge has a lot of jazz and it's ok and last is Eggman and it has almost the same genre as tails only a little bit different.In conclusion this is a great soundtrack i'm going to buy the cd as well it deserves all the money doesn't matter if it costs like 100 dollars i'm still buying it.



Now it has all of the songs!!! Thanks sega!!!



The music I love is here.

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