3 Songs, 9 Minutes


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16 Ratings

The Rebirth of Rock - Sweet Fix!

The Big 99

If you've never heard Sweet Fix before, start listening. This band has already taken over its hometown of New York City and is about to shake up the whole music scene. Each song on the EP reveals a strength of the band, whether it's driving rhythm ("Do You Wanna Sneak Out?"), crafted musicianship ("Help Is On The Way"), or a head-nodding, soaring-vocals, galloping romp ("So Close!"). Just grab this EP. Rock music has been waiting for these guys. Welcome, Sweet Fix!

In The Future, You Already Own This EP


This is not your mother's rock and roll. Your mother is probably listening to Bob Seger with a glass of red wine in her hand. Imagine Joan Jett busting in, kicking Bob Seger in the mouth, then fusing -- Dragonball-Z style -- with Black Sabbath and the black guy with the laser-beam eyes from that Hot Chip video.

Bad news: your mother's face just melted. Send her a card. Good news: you are now listening to "SPARKS IN THE DARK," ten minutes of pristinely crafted, eminently danceable, high-octane rock from the New York-based Sweet Fix. Yes, the EP's only 9:52, but the eight seconds of silence after it finishes will rock you harder than anything you've heard this year.

If you can get to the New York area, buy this record immediately, then see them live as soon as possible. If you're forbidden from crossing state lines by the undisclosed details of a plea agreement from the late '90s, just buy this record. Immediately. Regret is impossible.

No Regrets – Pure Gold


This EP nails it from all angles. The glistening pop-rock of "Do You Wanna Sneak Out?", the careful texturing of "Help Is On the Way" and the epic catharsis of "So Close!" are everything that a rock album is meant to be.

Bottom line: these three tracks of solid gold are the beginning of the Sweet Fix ascendancy.