7 Songs, 24 Minutes


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4.9 out of 5
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26 Ratings
Good Days Last

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I know these guys and this band real well, seeing as we're from the same town, so maybe I'm a tad bias. But this music is a breath of fresh air in a heavily saturated music scene.

From soaring, elegent verses to soul shattering riffs and breakdowns, this is definitely a band you want to keep your eye on in the coming year with a scheduled full length album due later this year.


These boys know their stuff...

I've been a fan of In:aviate since two of the members where still in Autumn Rhodes...if that is even possible. They are amazing live and really know how to make so ligit tunes! This CD is amazing as i'm sure all their CDs will be. Keep it up boys and I'll keep listening!!!

boo boo aka da juice#4

holy god dear mother of earth

this ep is golden please get it somehow and listen to it.. i would buy it; its worth it :D

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