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Monstercat’s latest release from Fractal is drumstep track entitled Spection. This is the official InterFlex review.

Intro: 0:00-0:22
The song starts with a glitch, which quickly drops out to be replaced by a metallic pad. This pad becomes an integral part of the entire song, a hallmark of Fractal’s music. It contains similar sonic elements when compared to other Fractal synths, but this one incorporates new harmonics that make it sound a bit thicker. One can also hear a chiptune-style arp slowly rising in volume, culminating in a female choral sample, a common element in his music. This part of the song is intentionally mysterious, resulting in curiosity from the listener.

Break: 0:22-0:56
Here the drums kick in, with a pleasant half-time pattern common in dubstep. The samples used have a lesser attack than many others, preserving the chill feel of the song, at least so far. A metallic arpeggiator complements yet another vocal sample. Fractal does not always follow set song structure, and this appears to be another example of that. A distorted vocoder acts as the lead, phrasing an elegant melody to accompany the light synths that are sidechained by it. The vocoder’s sound design is simply excellent.

Build: 0:56-1:30
The drums drop back out again, and we hear some of Fractal’s trademark bell synth patches in the background as a detuned saw lead slowly increasing in both volume and pitch. The listener at this point is anticipating the drop, and hears another arpeggiator for a few seconds before a lowpassed kick jumps in to build up the song. The kick drops out for a second as the lead synth is playing the melody from earlier in the track solo. It was enjoyable.

Drop: 1:30-2:16
The drop in many ways sounds similar to other Fractal songs, but is certainly a bit more conservative with the comb filter. It incorporates lower-pitched growls and wobbles but also uses some chill-sounding leads. The drums at this point follow the phrasing of the drop, and complement it. Some phasers heard. The vocal sample is heard occasionally, as are the arpeggiated leads from earlier in the song. I feel it could have had few more elements that distinguished it from other Fractal songs.

Break-ish: 2:17-2:52
This has several elements not found in the earlier break, as this one incorporates heavier basses and sharper leads. Not really anything special in terms of sound design.

Break: 2:52-3:13
This break is much more similar to the earlier break but incorporates some very high leads, nearly inaudible. Drums are a lot lower.

Build: 3:13-3:35
Very similar to the first build, incorporating choral samples.
Drop: 3:35-4:20
Certainly different than the first, much heavier on the high/mid side than the bass. Glitching used liberally, as a leads playing simple melodies. Found it to be decent, better than the first. Phasers used a bit more here.

Outro: 4:20-4:53
A comb-filtered arp is heard here, as are some highpassed drums. Reverb dry/wet becomes increasingly more wet until the song fades out.

A somewhat mediocre Fractal song, some parts were good, others were not. I enjoyed it overall, but I feel some parts could have been a bit more complex. Similarity with other Fractal songs is also an issue, but props to Fractal for not using the comb filter on EVERY patch.

Interflex Official Rating: 3.5/5



Go Brady

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