20 Songs, 49 Minutes


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112 Ratings

Not Original Hits


For anyone who is planning on buying this set of songs be advised that they are not the original releases. If you are into the original hits then look for them individually in other sections.

Never Buy K-Tel EVER!!!

The Toad

.....at least if you're looking for original recordings. As an avid OLDIES collector, I've learned by trial and error which labels to avoid. The Music Store should tell you if the recordings are original or not before you waste your money on them. If you were in a real store you could read (allbeit in bible print) the warning on the cd that says "new recordings by one or more of the original group". What this means is that the "original member" may have been the drummer, or as they often sound, the guy who drove the van.


only two cuts original... why, K-Tel, why?!


As other reviewers have proclaimed, we don't want no stinkin' remakes!! My ears tell me both Wolly Bully and Liar, Liar are the original releases, but the rest are re-recorded. Makes you wonder why the original group had to even mess with trying to re-create their own hit. Some legal crapola with the label it was originally recorded for, I presume.

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