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19 Ratings

What we love about orchestral music

Brian Crain

Composer and pianist, Brian Crain’s latest CD Spring Symphonies is an inspiring evolution for one of the areas most popular and prolific rising stars. Spring Symphonies contains two separate symphonies (four movements each) with a piano solo between, simply entitled “Piano Solo”. This CD (Brian’s 10th) was recorded this spring at CNSO Hostivar Studio in Prague, Czech Republic, with the Czech Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra, one of the finest, and busiest orchestras in E. Europe.

Brian’s Spring Symphonies remind us what we love most about orchestral music. If you are a current fan, you will love this natural evolution of Brian’s impassioned music. If you are not familiar with Brian Crain, you’re about to discover a true gem right here in the Inland Northwest, who is already internationally popular.

Spring Symphonies has the intensity of Barber’s Adagio, the wit of Gershwin’s Rhapsody, the harmony of Beethoven and Brahms the space and reflection of Faure and Debussy. In the full experience of being human in a changing, busy, and conflicted world, what is it that connects us and offers us hope for our individual and collective survival? Brian’s music joins those few artists, musicians, and writers who dare to resonate the empathy and vision we all desperately need and seek. This CD is a heart-opening affirmation of our “humanness”, touching those special places in our private hearts and memories generally reserved for our dreams, prayers, and life’s transcending experiences.

Like Ennio Morricone, Brian’s motifs paint larger than life - human images in this new musical genre. His harmonies are constructed with lush melodic layers. Brian’s provocative, delicate touch on the piano - his restraint - is a virtuosic style unique in the instrumental music world. You will find a near perfect balance between orchestra and piano on this CD, and the Czech performers each offers the best in their instrumental field.

To many of Brian’s fans, his music is a necessary staple - like bread, or rice. Spring Symphonies offers a satisfying fullness - for the heart of the listener. Brian’s music is destined to become a modern musical staple for us all.

Human history is rich with incredible musical works from, now deceased, composers. Do yourself a big favor and listen to Brian Crain’s Spring Symphonies CD while Brian is alive, and while you can enjoy getting to know him and his music


World's Oldest Keeper

Beatutiful stuff. I'm going to see if our community symphony can perform this next season! It looks like the parts are all available on the composer's web site.


Cinnamon Stick

JSYK, The sheet music for this album is free on Brian Crain's website!

About Brian Crain

Brian Crain was a musically inclined child, but he was never formally educated in music, and yet has still found success as a pianist/composer. He was born in Hollywood, and although offered piano lessons, he preferred honing his baseball skills to practicing. He also built his own home studio while working on audio production for films as a teenager. Crain's dreams of being a professional ballplayer did not come to fruition, but in the meantime, he had managed to teach himself how to play piano as he picked out his own melodies. He released his first CD, Morning Light, in 1997, and met with enough success to make music his career. Crain has since made more than a dozen albums of his own music. The use of one of his piano pieces, Butterfly Waltz, in a South Korean drama has made him an artist better known in Asia than in his home country. He has a large fan base and toured there several times, as his music is used in more TV commercials and programming. Crain enjoys trying new ideas in his music, such as unusual meters and minimalist concepts used on his albums Piano Opus (2011) and Piano and Light (2009), to complement his flowing, attractive melodies. ~ Patsy Morita

Hollywood, CA
New Age



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