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Fantastic Okies


Every single person who contributed to this song is an amazing person. I am not a musician, just a Tulsan who loves her local musicians. These are great people doing a great thing. The song is amazing and the cause is just!

Love and agree with this song!


Just to put some names with faces...

Steve Pryor starts the song, with Tom Skinner singing harmony and playing bass — followed by The Red Dirt Rangers (Ben Han, Brad Piccolo and John Cooper).

The first verse: First half sung by Don Morris & Monica Taylor. Second half is sung by Brandon Jenkins (center/lead) with Travis Fite on the right and Chuck Dunlap on the left. Chuck is the original writer of the song.

The next chorus is sung by my old friends, David Smith and his gospel group. David also plays the gospel organ you hear.

The solo: Oklahoma treasure (well, they all are, really) Terry "Buffalo" Ware.

Second verse: Jesse Aycock & Sam Flowers; Jared Tyler & Dwight Twilley; lastly, The Tequila Songbirds (Ali Harter, Kierston White, Kaitland Butts and Camille Harp).

Last verse: John Fullbright; Doc James; legendary Jimmy "Junior" Markham; Louise Goldberg & Mary Reynolds (collectively know as Miss Brown to You); AND, of course, Parker Milsap.