12 Songs, 47 Minutes


About Harper

Peter Harper was born in Britain, but grew up in Perth in western Australia. Drawn to music, he started out in brass bands, playing both the trumpet and the euphonium, but soon fell in love with the blues harmonica, and the course of his future career was set. After moving to Melbourne, he began releasing a series of harmonica-based albums that also featured his soulful vocals and solid songwriting. Tears of Ice came first in 1994, followed by Yesterday Is Over in 1996 and Live at the Soup Kitchen in 1997. Harper's next three albums -- Glass on the Stepping Stone (2000), Live at St. Andrews (2002), and Way Down Deep Inside (2003) -- were released by Core Records. Harper began looking into the indigenous music of his beloved Australia, discovering the possibilities of the didgeridoo, and added the Aboriginal instrument to his stage act. While doing a show in San Francisco, he was spotted by Blind Pig Records president Edward Chmelewski, who signed Harper to the label. Down to the Rhythm was released by Blind Pig in 2005, and it featured Harper's uniquely Australian take on roots music, complete with embedded didgeridoo drones and blazing harp runs. A second Blind Pig release, Day by Day, appeared in 2007, followed by Stand Together in 2010. ~ Steve Leggett



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