10 Songs, 53 Minutes


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4.2 out of 5

27 Ratings

27 Ratings

Not astonishing, but very, very good.


This album takes a lot of the better tracks from the different Final Fantasy XI albums and redoes the songs. The album has a lot of variety and different moods, and is very enjoyable to just sit back and listen to. This album doesn't break any musical barriers or introduce anything new, but the music is quality and is very enjoyable. A must-have for any Final Fantasy XI fan.

Incredible Remixes


I have to say they pretty much nailed the areas with the best background music overall. These remixes show the diversity of the tastes involved in creating this game. If you love the background music from the game I would say this is a must have LP. With a mix of jazz, funk and trance they have really changed the feel of all of these songs while keeping the tradition of the track intact. Pick this up right now!

A solid should buy!


This album is dedicated to all you fans of Vana diel who also happen to love music! This is what the opening line should be on this one. It is fun and deep and funny and moody and a very good compliment to the game. this one will please your non gaming friends who like music but have not gotten into MMO's as of yet. If you have EVER played the game for longer than ten seconds you owe it to yourself to at least HEAR these remixes! they do not ruin the experiece of the original, but add to the overall feel of the game and that is the highest compliment I can ever give a remix. A few tunes work to get after a different crowd and so the pacing can be a little off overall, but that only detracts a little bit, you should get this!



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