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Lazy e11111111,

I love it!! It is so good and well made



This album is amazing... a true work of art

About frnkiero and the cellabration

Frnkiero and the Cellabration is the solo project of New Jersey-based singer/guitarist Frank Iero. Iero is best known as the rhythm guitarist for alt-rock giants My Chemical Romance and the frontman for hardcore act Leathermouth. Following the breakup of MCR in 2013, Iero began to feel a dramatic increase in the painful digestive problems that had plagued him throughout his life. To combat the frequent stomach pains and nausea, he turned his basement into a makeshift studio and tried to distract himself by working on new songs. Admittedly, he had no particular aim for this new music aside from drowning out his health issues, but when he began to listen back to this new material as a whole, he realized it was strong, personal, and took a different direction than his other projects. Iero enlisted former MCR touring drummer Jarrod Alexander, but recorded all of the other parts himself on the album that would appropriately be titled Stomachaches. Signing with Staple Records, he released Stomachaches under the moniker of Frnkiero and the Cellabration in September 2014. ~ Timothy Monger

    Belleville, NJ
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