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43 Ratings
Everlasting Boredom ,

He just gets better and better!

All I Need is so emotionally charged and is so different from the other stuff he has written. I hope he continues to grow and will keep putting out more music....and of course it would be nice if he was on youtube more often xD

Can't wait to hear the rest of the album

michellie.ellie ,

A more vulnerable, mature, personal record

I already ranted about this a little on my instagram, but I've been listening to David's music for a while now and to me this new album is vulnerable and personal in a different, more mature way than his previous ones. After watching the "David" web series and the video he made where he talked about this past year, it puts his album in perspective and I admire him all the more for pushing through a rough year and finishing the album.

To speak to a few of my favorite songs on this record:
1. You and Me- this song has a quiet intimacy to it that captures all the wistfulness and hope of a long distance relationship.
3. All I Need- what a great lead single--full of raw emotion. The bridge and David's belting hit me in the feels.
10. Don't Forget Me- I love this song. The lyrics start off deceptively happy and in-love, then as the song gets about a minute in you realize it's about someone that got away. The synth-y sounds (not sure how to describe it?) around 1:24 are a refreshing surprise, and then the sustained, repeated "Oh I should run away" at 2:20 just twinges at your heartstrings somehow. Really makes it easy to imagine and relate to the song, even if you're like me and have never been in a serious relationship or experienced heartbreak.
12. This One's for Me- this song made me feel bittersweet. The lyrics ("Who cares if I don't make it/ I never ever wanted fame") really show how he's committed to sticking to his passion for music and staying true to himself. When I heard this song, I kept thinking about Episode 6 of the "David" webseries and it made me want to let him know that he and his work *have* made a difference and touched so many fans' lives. I thought this song was a very fitting choice to end the album with.

Seeing him live in Philly on the Stories Tour made the album even more relatable for me just because of how genuine and humble he comes across in person. Not only is it easy to connect with his music, but after you watch him perform live it makes you feel like you can identify with him on a personal level too.

Congrats on a great record, David, and thank you for continuing to share your music and your talent with us. :)

tck1058 ,

Stories of You's and Me

Another great album from David. I have now bought all four of David's albums, and this is by far his best work!!

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