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Fantastic Debut

As an American who regularly listens to western music, I find it a delightful break when hearing such fresh talent from another country. ayaka (Yes, the "a" in her name is lower-cased) is one of the stronger new-comers to not only arise from Japan, but any country. Her powerful vocals are matched with beautiful melodies and descriptive lyrics. Unlike most female J-pop musicians, ayaka has a strong sense of self and doesn't rely completely on image to get her music's message across. ayaka is an artist of the purest talent, as this is well showcased in her debut single, "I believe" (Which was also a major hit in Japan). ayaka's strong vocals lift the spirit while not overpowering the listener, also a talent not found in many young female singers of today. The fun "Real voice" delights and inspires, while "三日月" has a peaceful serenity guided mainly by ayaka's spirited voice. This is a great addition to the iTunes Store, and I look forward to more diverse selections like this. For the casual American listener looking to venture into the world of J-pop, this is a fine start. ayaka is a shining talent and authentic musician, this young lady will go very far.



I'd never heard of ayaka before I saw her vid Jewlery Day. Even though i can't understand Japanese, I love her voice. I especially like I Believe and #14 (I have no idea what the English name is.) I hope ayaka makes more songs, a few even in English maybe. From now on I'm an ayaka fan!

United States of Alaska


i'm so glad itunes hold these songs!!!

About Ayaka

Ayaka is a J-pop artist specializing in acoustic music with bluesy elements -- both Sheryl Crow and Japanese pop stars Hirai Ken and Dream Come True are often named as influences. Born Ayaka Iida in Moriguchi, Osaka Prefecture, in 1987, she began her career by playing cover songs at school concerts, but soon decided to go professional, began to write her own material, and enrolled in the music school in Fukuoka, another graduate of which was the popular J-pop singer/songwriter Yui. Ayaka debuted in 2005, when, despite not yet having any releases, she was invited to do the theme for the TV drama @Human (the song was titled "Mikazuki"). By the end of that year she was already reported to have Lyor Cohen, the CEO of Warner Music Group, clapping to her performance, comparing her talent to that of Mariah Carey and Hikaru Utada, and predicting her worldwide fame.

Signing to Warner, Ayaka did the theme song for the high-profile TV drama Rondo, with the track, entitled "I Believe," selling one million units in digital downloads and 220,000 when released as a physical single. She recorded two more singles during 2006, including a limited release of Melody ~Sounds Real~, which had a rock-oriented sound that earned Ayaka a good deal of critical acclaim due to the versatility she exhibited. Her debut album, First Message, was delivered in 2006 as well, despite numerous setbacks, and went on to sell 350,000 copies in its first week of release and more than one million in total sales. More singles followed in 2007-2008, including "Winding Road" (2007), done with her labelmates, the popular folk-rock duo Kobukuro, with whom Ayaka also collaborated live and on another single, "Anata To" (2008), and "Why," tied in with the PSP game Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. Ayaka's second LP, Sing to the Sky, came out in mid-2008 and scored number two on the charts, its sales exceeding 500,000 units. ~ Alexey Eremenko

Moriguchi, Japan
December 18, 1987




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