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4.8 out of 5
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6 Ratings
Bonnie Anne Pinard ,

Haunting and Lovely

There are 2 kinds of music that move me more than any other: Celtic music and Jewish music. Both genres seem to reach deep into my spirit. I love the mournful sound of the penny whistle, all the while I can envision the hills of Ireland and the people of old singing ancient songs. Today I finally got around to downloading Siobhan Owen's lovely Storybook Journey CD. My husband and I have been listening to it on repeat for the past hour. Although this CD is not limited to Celtic influenced songs, it is those tracks that most touch my heart. Siobhan's voice is well suited to the material this CD offers, with a voice that is all at once, pure, unforgettable, innocent and wise.

Her clear, crystal Soprano tone can be joyful or aching as she expresses the lyrics and melodies of each song. Her straight tones and vibrato are beautifully understated and delicate, and her range is extensive.

There are some truly standout arrangements on this CD, but Siobhan's voice shimmers when the accompaniment is subtle, with her own harp and gentle strings, distant pipes, flutes, or a warm cello providing the background. I love the special effects sounds that were used on some tracks. They give certain songs a haunting quality that lingers in your ear after the CD has played through.

Standout tracks for me are "Black Is The Color"...a song I am familiar with but one that became brand new as performed by Siobhan.

"Dream a Dream" is another favorite track, with a melody that many of us have heard before, yet when magically voiced by Siobhan over a unique arrangement, this song is special.

"Prayer" tops my list of favorite tracks on the CD. Another song I have heard from other artists, but this version is truly goosebump inducing. Choir, guitar, harp, and haunting distant piano notes make me feel like I'm floating with Siobhan's voice. This is my absolute favorite track on Storybook Journey.

aphollywood ,


This young Welsh singer (she's only 19 and still a student of voice in Australia where she moved with her family after being born on the Welsh island of Anglesey) is blessed with a beautiful pure tone. Storybook Journey showcases Miss Owen's developing talent. Her voice is maturing, and her classical training is helping her support it. Her albums here don't quite capture her remarkable gift: I had the pleasure of listening to her perform at the Los Angeles St. David's Day Festival and there, accompanying herself only on the Harp, her singing was incomparably rich and effortlessly rose through the auditorium where it struck the audience to its heart.

But even if Storybook Journey doesn't quite equal the magic of seeing her perform in person - an experience I would highly recommend - it shares with that experience an opportunity to listen to a singer who is going to become a great star. Accompanying herself on the Harp and piano accordion, with producer Quentin Eyers providing additional instrumental support, Ms. Owen's voice is the purest most beautiful instrument here, rising lyrically through performances of traditional Welsh and Irish songs, a few familiar and popular songs like The Rose and that great show stopper, Bring Him Home, from Les Miserables, as well as modern compositions in a traditional Celtic vein, one translated to Japanese (Sora Wo Aruku).

Of these last, three of my favorites are the opening lullaby, Cariad, composed by Lorraine King and John Wake. Interspersing a few Welsh words "Cariad" (love) and Cwtch, pronounced Cootch (an affectionate hug), with English, Miss Owen's sings with a purity sure to protect both lover and child. On the aching, sweet paean to Scotland, Caledonia, Miss Owen and the instrumentation come together beautifully. Her voice, feathered, rises and soars as if on wings above the English channel that separated composer Dougie MacLean from his homeland when he composed this song on the shores of France. Finally, the title track Storybook Journey, leaves you with the realization that this young singer is blessed and gifted with a talent that surely would have enchanted the ancient bards and troubadours themselves.

The whole album is testament that Miss Owen is capable of singing beautifully whatever she wants to sing. You will be enchanted. Enchanted.

Cymbalom ,

Truly lovely

This young woman has a voice of liquid silver --- way up into the soprano range. Her interpretations of familiar pieces strike a perfect chord. She is nearly note-perfect, and her passion for what she does shines through every piece she sings. She has a die-hard fan in me!