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This band is literally addictive. I find myself listening to them constantly! This album is no different. Jocelyn's songs have matured so much since the beginning and this album really is an example of how they have grown as a band. Also, every song is a jam! Keep up the incredible work. Such a good album.

This band is going places


This EP is just as it's titled, each song tells a story. A well written one, at that. You can hear the passion and emotion Jocelyn puts into each song.
The first song, "A Little Too Late" is probably the most story-oriented track. It plays out from beginning to end, making the listeners keep tuned to find out how it all turns out. In the song he regrets his dicision saying, "I think I've made a mistake. You're the one who could have made this all okay". We always feel like if we just hadn't have made that wrong turn- everything would be alright and that's what makes this song so great. "I Can't Be With You" personally makes me dance in my seat. The lyrics are cleverly used and a song many people can relate to. At some point in our lives, we have that one person who is never ending drama or has to make everything complicated and we can't help but to get sucked into it for a while. In the song, he finally decided he can't be with this person anymore, making the smart choice in a toxic relationship. "Hold On to This" is definitely a stand out song. You can tell it's drawn from raw emotions and must be important to the writer. This person wants to hold on to the relationship they had, pleading for it to stay the way it was. It's actually a little heart breaking to listen to but hits the spots it needs to in order to clearly convery the emotions within the song. "The One That Got Away" brings the beat up a bit. It reflects the last song in a way, talking about not wanting to let the person go ("it's so hard to let you go") but cutting striaght to the truth in the chorus telling the girl that "you gotta go". The last and title track, "Storyline" looks back on an old relationship that was dear to the person. They will always look back and smile, wishing they could go back in time but at the end of the day, they know it wasn't meant to last. Sometimes we as people just can't help wonder what could have been. It comes off as a day dream. This song closes up the EP perfectly, as if saying that even though I've made these mistakes, lost relationships and all that's changed- where I am now is for the better and this is all just a part of my story. Your Story Is Important.
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