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Now that the whole album is here.....


i say 3/5. Musically its heavy and loud and everything I want in a modern heavy metal record. There are great elements of this album along with the heaviness or the "brootalness" as the kids say nowadays. I really enjoyed the clean vocals and spanish mixed in to the songs. I didnt know Danny Leal could sing. He can scream and growl and squeal phenomenally, and the cleans are icing on the cake. and no, cleans does not make UABB a "sell out" band. I prefer singing half the time because screaming isnt hard. a large reason why i love A7X is Shadows can do both.
Now whats keeping this album from being anymore than a 3 star album are the lyrics. I stand by my original statement. Most of these lyrics are pretty garbage and all the songs have pretty much the same message: "F*** you if you dont like me." it gets a little tiring after a couple listens and lyrically, there werent many surprises on the album, which is disappointing coming from the band that wrote songs like 'Once upon a time in Mexico" and "Judgement".
I only bought 3 songs off of the album. I personally think overall the band just stayed stagnant with this release. Im not convinced they evolved but I am not saying they took a step back. The sound is similar to the last album, just a little heavier, but the lyrics are holding this disc back. So in my opinion, those two things just cancel each other out and you have an OK release from what I think is a very capable young band.

Killed it!!!



About Upon a Burning Body

On a mission to prove that everything, even metal, is bigger in Texas, San Antonio-based quintet Upon a Burning Body batter crowds with their driving brand of mosh-ready deathcore. Delivering plenty of massive riffs, punishing breakdowns, and hardcore-style gang choruses, the group has a sound that's surprisingly infectious in what is typically a highly malevolent, take-no-prisoners genre. The band signed on with Sumerian Records, and in 2010 released its debut album, The World Is Ours, on the influential metal label. Upon a Burning Body followed up with their sophomore effort, Red. White. Green., in 2012. The hard-charging, Will Putney-produced World Is My Enemy Now dropped in 2014, followed in 2016 by Straight from the Barrio, which featured the blistering single "Til the Break of Dawn." ~ Gregory Heaney

    San Antonio, TX

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