13 Songs, 48 Minutes


About Little Egypt

Little Egypt's traditional hip-hop flare and ancient East African vibes both fit and contrast against the assortment of styles within New York's independent rap sector. Comprised of Visual Poetics, Forge, Taajwar, Bravestar, and Khordz-255, the camp relies back on the forgotten art of storytelling in rap music, popularized by golden age acts like Slick Rick. Frontman Visual Poetics is the main producer of the group and also serves as CEO of their independent company, East Park Inc., but keyboardist and vocalist Khordz-255 has the most musical expertise and experience, having accomplished a great deal of production work. LE's first major pressing was the single "Sunrise," released in 2000. The first full-length LP Straight Out the Sands followed in April 2002. The liveliness of their stage shows and music enabled them to broaden their audiences into other countries, including Brazil, Poland, and Australia. Embracing a much wider scope, the group delivered their second album, The Crown Heights Affair, in September 2006. It contained two cuts produced by old-schooler Chubb Rock. ~ Cyril Cordor

Brooklyn, NY