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Horizontal Ladies Club,

This is the best album out there. Refreshing sound and songs are filled with melody and mind grabbing production. This is the type of music that the younger market searches for because they already know about the greats of the past and can’t find something new…now they can with this outstanding group of talented lads…this is a ten star album…also check out the new Toms album called Applestation which is due March 2017…quite similar, and Yes I am a fan of both..

With Certainty, a winner


Fantastic album. These guys are in the mix at the right time. Just enough retro vibe with just the right modern touches. Fun, uplifting, head nodding jams. I get they are probably chasing a retro sound but the drums do seem to get washed out a bit, nothing a little tweeking on the Itunes eq cant fix. I'd like to hear a full album remix of this ala Guerrolito....Kevin Parker are you listening?!? That would be fun but this album holds it's own.

About Temples

British neo-psychedelic band Temples make trippy psychedelic pop that combines the experimental sound of bands like the Move and mid-period Byrds with the classic song craftsmanship of the Beatles. Formed in Kettering, Temples centered around the talents of songwriting duo vocalist/guitarist James Bagshaw and vocalist/bassist Thomas Warmsley. After adding drummer Sam Toms and guitarist/keyboard player Adam Smith to the band, they released their debut single, "Shelter Song," on Heavenly in 2012. After a busy 2013 spent playing shows, recording the album, and releasing two singles ("Colours to Life" in June, "Keep in the Dark" in October), the band's first album, the Bagshaw-produced Sun Structures, was released in early 2014. A steady stream of tour dates around the world, and an unlikely appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, kept the band busy the rest of the year. Near the year's end, Heavenly released Sun Restructured, a super-trippy reimagining of the Sun Structures album done by the remix team of Richard Norris and Erol Alkan, aka Beyond the Wizard's Sleeve. The band spent the next two years working on their new album and keeping up a steady slate of concert appearances. "Certainty," the first song from their second album, was debuted in late 2015 and featured the addition of synthesizers to their retro-psych sound. Self-produced and written by all four members of the group, Volcano was issued by Fat Possum in March of 2017. ~ Matt Collar

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