2 Songs, 7 Minutes


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4.9 out of 5
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7 Ratings
Chicken Wing Tony




Real rating is 3.5, but rounded up for my boi.

I love eden, one of my all time favorite artists, but these two songs are simply ok. nothing really blew me away. excited to see whats to come, though!!



I’ve been waiting for him to release a new song forever and it’s finally here!! I love it so much! It’s just perfect! I can’t wait for more❤️

About EDEN

What started as the dance-oriented Eden Project morphed into something different for Irish singer/songwriter Jonathon Ng. In 2014, after the Eden Project's last effort, Final Call, Ng changed his professional moniker to EDEN. A shift in sonics also accompanied the switch. The classically trained musician -- who, as a teen, grew tired of school band and orchestra and opted to learn other instruments -- began incorporating more organic instrumentation, unveiling his new direction on 2015's End Credits EP (Seeking Blue Records/MCMXCV). While the Eden Project channeled Ng's love of EDM, the new material mirrored atmospheric soundscapes similar to Crywolf or M83. After releasing a digitized cover of Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" in early 2016, he issued the propulsive single "Sex." His EP, I Think You Think Too Much of Me, arrived later that year. In 2017, he spent much of his year touring before the release of "Start//End," the first single from his official studio full-length debut. Vertigo arrived in early 2018, which he promoted on a tour with VERITE. ~ Neil Z. Yeung

Dublin, Ireland
December 23, 1996